The Way to Download Music Videos Onto My iPod - An Easy Guide
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I understand how the download music into my iPod but how do I download videos? This is a very familiar question that has a straightforward and easy solution. The very first thing to think about when playing music videos or videos on the iPod is the issue of compatibility. This sounds more complex than what it is, but it's important to have a compatible download that will play on your iPod. It's like trying to make Orange marmalade out of Lemons - it is just not feasible unless you've got the files changed. The perfect way to find out if a film or music video is compatible is to open the iTunes interface firstly. After you've selected the tab, then attempt to replicate the music video file or movie file directly into your iPod library. If the music video or movie copies to the iPod then it'll be harmonious and you need to have the ability to play it without any issues. However, if the audio video or film doesn't copy straight to the iPod library, it means you've got a compatibility issue. This isn't the end of the planet it just means that if you truly need this audio video onto your iPod, you are going to need to convert it. Using this conversion procedure will say that you need to save the document on either a PC or laptop before transferring the file. One thing that's important to understand here is that in the event you have a Mac formatted iPod then you will simply be able to add the file from a Mac rather than by a Windows-based PC. Another method of finding out if or not a video is compatible is similar to the method above. I've found this method to be the most powerful - you simply open up QuickTime (hopefully you've got that already installed-if not, it's free, just look up the QuickTime site and download it ). All you simply do, is open QuickTime, pick 'window' and click on brief movie details. If the music video that you're trying to replicate registers(displays up) from the info window-then it will be iPod compatible